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Introducing episki - the new simple, transparent grc tool for mid-market. This post covers the launch of episki and roadmap for future features like assessments, third-party risk management, and more.

Introducing episki: A New GRC Tool Focused on Simplicity

episki is an exciting new GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) tool designed from the ground up to bring simplicity, transparency, and ease of use to mid-market organizations.

As many companies know, GRC tools have historically been complex, difficult to use, and opaque. This leads to poor adoption rates, lackluster engagement, and missed value. episki aims to change this by focusing relentlessly on the end user experience.

The goal with episki is to provide powerful GRC capabilities through an intuitive interface that enhances - not hinders - your team's ability to assess risk, demonstrate compliance, and promote governance. No more struggling through clunky dashboards or deciphering technical jargon.

episki delivers the GRC functionality you need with the simplicity you deserve. Key capabilities like assessments, third-party management, and control testing are designed to be transparent and straightforward. We believe GRC shouldn't require extensive training or consulting fees to understand and leverage.

Whether you're an auditor, risk manager, subject matter expert, or business leader, episki aims to make GRC approachable. It provides the guardrails without being overly prescriptive, and insight without information overload.

As episki expands into other GRC domains like audit management, regulatory change management, and more, we'll stay true to our guiding principles of simplicity, transparency, and ease of use. GRC may be complex, but your tool for managing it doesn't have to be.

The Mid-Market Opportunity for GRC

Mid-market companies have unique needs when it comes to GRC tools and solutions. Many mid-market organizations lack the internal resources of large enterprises to manage governance, risk, and compliance processes. However, these growing businesses still face increasing regulatory pressures, cyber threats, and expectations to demonstrate sound cybersecurity management.

Traditional GRC solutions cater more to large enterprises, with complex feature sets and high costs that put them out of reach for many mid-market companies. There are gaps in finding the right balance of capabilities, simplicity, and affordability among current GRC solutions for the mid-market.

Our aims to fill this gap, recognizing the opportunity to provide mid-market organizations with an easy-to-use and transparent GRC platform. By focusing first on streamlined assessments with plans to expand into integrated programs, third-party risk management, and more, episki seeks to offer the core functionality mid-market companies need at a reasonable price point.

With intuitive workflows and minimal complexity, we wants to make it simple for mid-market organizations to get started on building a solid GRC foundation. There is substantial demand among growing mid-market businesses for straightforward GRC tools that provide security, compliance, and risk management confidence without breaking the budget. episki positions itself squarely within this opportunity space.

Starting with Assessments

Our initial focus is on streamlining and automating assessments for mid-market organizations. Assessments are crucial for identifying risks, ensuring compliance, and promoting security hygiene, but conducting them efficiently can be a major challenge.

That's why episki is starting with robust assessment capabilities, allowing you to:

  • Build customized assessment templates covering security, compliance, operations, and more
  • Schedule and automate recurring assessments for continual oversight
  • Analyze assessment results with visual reports and dashboards
  • Identify common issues and weak spots across assessments
  • Generate audit-ready evidence and maintain an assessment trail

With episki, conducting regular assessments is simple, transparent, and efficient. Our assessment engine is designed for business users, with no advanced technical skills required. Setup is quick, while customization gives you the flexibility needed for your environment.

Automated reminders, notifications, and progress tracking remove the administrative hassles from assessment processes. Meanwhile, powerful analytics provide visibility into broader patterns and trends.

Regulators and auditors demand regular assessments as evidence of sound risk management and compliance. With episki, you can meet those demands with far less effort and cost.

Focusing first on streamlined assessments establishes a solid foundation for episki's broader GRC ambitions. But capabilities like vendor risk management, policy management, and integrated risk frameworks are already on the product roadmap.

Expanding to Programs and More

episki is starting with assessments as the core of the platform, but has an ambitious roadmap to expand into additional GRC capabilities. Coming down the pipeline are features like:

  • Program Management - Building out a compliance program framework to systematize policies, procedures, training, and oversight activities. This will allow organizations to operationalize their GRC in a systematic way.
  • Third Party Risk Management - Managing vendor and third party risk is a critical component of an organization's overall risk profile. episki will provide capabilities to track and monitor third party relationships and ensure policies are being followed.
  • Audit Management - Streamlining and managing internal and external audits is a key pain point episki will solve. This includes planning, scheduling, issue tracking, and corrective actions.
  • Incident Management - Tracking security incidents, breaches, and other events will ensure organizations have full visibility into risks. Robust reporting and analysis will identify patterns and vulnerabilities.
  • Policy Management - Centralizing the management and communication of policies and procedures will ensure employees have ready access to critical information.

The episki team is heads-down on building out these capabilities and more with the goal of providing a full-featured GRC platform tailored specifically for the needs of mid-market organizations. The future is bright for ongoing innovation and new features that customers can look forward to.

Designed for Simplicity

episki was designed from the ground up to be simple and intuitive for users. The user interface is clean and uncluttered, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Unlike some GRC tools that can feel overwhelming, episki has a straightforward UI that is easy to navigate. Core features and workflows are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal training to get started. Things you use most often are front and center.

The dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your current GRC status with key risks, assessments, and tasks highlighted. Drilling down is seamless, with logical organization and navigation between modules.

Streamlined workflows remove unnecessary steps and complexity. Assessment creation, for example, is simplified with customizable templates and a library of pre-built questions. Controls can be mapped to frameworks and regulations with a few clicks.

With episki's intuitive interface, you don't have to be a GRC expert to effectively use the platform. The learning curve is minimal, meaning your team can be up and running quickly. Less time spent learning the tool means more time focused on your GRC program.

Get Started with episki

episki makes it easy to get started with GRC in your mid-market organization.

You can sign up for a free trial right on the episki website to start experiencing the benefits of our simple, transparent, easy-to-use GRC platform. The free trial includes full access to episki's assessment capabilities so you can quickly build and distribute assessments across your organization.

Once signed up, our onboarding specialists will walk you through setting up your first assessment. You'll be able to customize the assessment with your own specific controls. episki's interface makes it simple to build assessments tailored to your organization and industry.

Distributing the assessment is as easy as sending a link to participants via email. episki handles collecting and analyzing responses while providing real-time visibility into completion rates. This frees you up from chasing down respondents for updates.

Don't wait to modernize your GRC program - get started with a free episki trial today. Our team is ready to help you configure your first assessment and explore the platform. See for yourself how episki can provide simple, transparent GRC tailored to mid-market organizations.

Justin Leapline

With over twenty years of information security experience, Justin have helped organizations through consulting and running security departments. Additionally, Justin serves as a distinguished faculty member of IANS, focusing on compliance, security management, DevSecOps, and assurance.